THE GOOD DIAMOND: A Novel (Venus Diamond Book 7) Skye Moody


Published: May 25th 2014

Kindle Edition

368 pages


THE GOOD DIAMOND: A Novel (Venus Diamond Book 7)  by  Skye Moody

THE GOOD DIAMOND: A Novel (Venus Diamond Book 7) by Skye Moody
May 25th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 368 pages | ISBN: | 4.70 Mb

THE GOOD DIAMOND: At the scene of a bloody ambush in Yukon mining territory, eight men are dead and a woman has gone missing from one of Canada’s most profitable diamond mines. Along with the woman—presumed to be taken hostage—the world’s largest diamond, the 384-carat Lac de Lune, has disappeared. Stolen before it could be cleaved, cut, and unveiled to the world, the priceless Lac de Lune diamond makes headlines as a ruthless killer methodically eliminates the people who helped him steal it.

When the rare blue diamond was pulled from the Zone Mine, its owner Big Jim Hardy soared to the top in the diamond industry. But now Big Jim Hardy is dead, and he left one word behind him: Venus. Canadian police summon undercover wildlife agent Venus Diamond, believing shes the “Venus” of Big Jim Hardy’s puzzling last word.

At least, that’s how it seems, until Venus arrives on the scene and realizes the Canadian authorities are counting on her poacher tracking talents to locate the stolen diamond and recover it. Every smart tracker knows that smuggled goods, from humans to endangered species to illegal drugs and stolen riches, all travel the same routes along the world’s black market highways. Venus must discover the black market path that runs the length of two continents before the hostage is sacrificed to an international conspiracy cooked up by greed.

If only she knew what the Belgian diamond cutter did about the intricate underpinnings of the worlds powerful and dangerous diamond cartel.Note to reader: (Spoiler Warning!) Six months after the 1st printing of THE GOOD DIAMOND, ICE, the joint task force guarding the international border between US and Canada raided the first cross-border smuggling tunnel ever discovered along the entire length of the border. The raided tunnel was discovered in the location mentioned in this book, and its description closely matches the tunnel Venus found.

Can you guess where Venus found the tunnel?

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